As we emerge from a season of hibernation that has felt longer than all the winters of recent years combined, the thought of suddenly being thrust into a summer of freedom, possibilities and plans (remember them?!) can feel more intimidating than usual. It also doesn’t help that in this part of the world there is no gradual transition from one season to the next, which means that the time frame within which to become ‘summer ready’ seems to very abruptly come to an end. One day you are wearing your wellies in the torrential Spring rain and the next you could be sporting your Havaianas at the beach. 

In the midst of that clumsy scramble to change over to your Summer wardrobe you may find that you’ve forgotten what summer beauty products you still own. No doubt these will have spent months shoved at the very bottom of your beauty stash lonely, discarded, possibly half empty and most probably out of date. Much like that forgotten onion one always seems to find when doing a fridge clear out – but I digress. My point is, the changing of the season presents us with an exciting excuse to invest in new products. Although focussing on the basics is the best way to start. I always do a mental head to toe body scan checklist to help me decide what areas to tackle. I consider my feet, body, makeup and of course my hair. 

Foot Peeling Masks

Usually I consider my feet first, as a long season of hibernation means that they will be needing some TLC before braving the array of toe bearing footwear I have in store for them. Foot peeling masks are the easiest way to give yourself a pedicure at home. They are super effective at peeling away dead skin cells which makes them a great option when it comes to getting your feet summer ready. However, I think they should come with a warning message stamped across them which reads ‘You will shed like a rattle snake’. They come with a pair of plastic socks which you pour the mask mixture into. You leave these socks on for a while (usually about an hour, you can use this time to carefully document the whole experience on your Insta stories!) and then rinse it off as you would do with a normal mask. You won’t see any results to begin with but do not be fooled, these masks are packed with potent active ingredients such as glycolic acid and over the coming days the hard skin on your heels and feet will start to peel off. This is really not for the faint hearted but I was willing to undergo this slight trauma all in the name of super smooth feet and it really worked. 

Patchology PoshPeel PediCure, £18

They should come with a warning ‘You will shed like a rattle snake’.

Body Moisturiser 

Body moisturising is something we can do all year long, but it is definitely a ritual most of us become lax about during those seasons which we spend hiding under various layers of clothes. For some reason, summer and silky-smooth skin seem to go hand in hand. 

I have tried many a fancy and hyped-up body moisturiser but I am here to tell you that a budget brand I picked up at the supermarket has actually been the most effective body moisturiser I haver ever used. Enter, Aveeno. Their products are packed with oatmeal that is super nourishing and kind to skin. This product delivers serious hydration and skin will feel smoother for days. 

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Lotion 300ml, £5.13

Tan Drops

Tan drops are fast becoming the go-to fake tan alternative when it comes to facial tan products. These are great because they are so easy to use and can be mixed in with your daily moisturiser to build up a natural and sun-damage-free tan. Tan-Luxe is currently the leading brand in this space describing their approach to tanning as ‘masterful fakery’.

Tan-Luxe The Face, £35


Many people wear bronzer throughout the year as part of their usual makeup routines. But when it comes to summer makeup, the goal is almost always bronze, shimmery, goddess. The Chanel Les Beiges Range is my top choice for that natural sun-kissed summer glow. 

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream, £42

Body Oil

The bronze, shimmery goddess goal can be epitomised by replicating this over your entire body. There is an array of gorgeous body oils out there that will not only hydrate and nourish your skin but will also give you the most enviable of sparkles. French pharmacy brand Nuxe are renowned for their body oils which are multifunctional and can be used both on skin or hair. Their Golder Shimmer version is quite special.

Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Golden Shimmer Oil 50ml, £18.50


By now we all know of the importance of applying SPF throughout the year, but it is true that in the sweltering summer months you will find you that you will have to reapply your SPF throughout the day. But how do you reapply SPF over makeup? I hear you ask. Pixi Sun mist is a great way to top up your sunscreen on busy days without ruining your makeup look.

Pixi Sun Mist, £18

Hair Mist 

Although haircare is something I indulge in all year round, the sun and sea can be quite drying and unforgiving, especially on coloured hair. This means that investing in sun protection for your hair is essential to keeping your locks healthy through the summer months. Aveda’s Sun Care spray is easy to use. It can be sprayed on dry or damp hair, even in between dips making it the perfect addition to your beach bag this year. 

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, £22.50