A quieter Christmas calls for gifts centred around self-care; after all, staying in is the new going out this year. December, the month of festive cheer, may be a little more subdued than usual this year but by no means does that mean that it should be less indulgent. Granted we will probably find ourselves reaching for sequins and sparkly makeup less than in previous years, however, more time at home means more time for pampering. 

Usually my December gift list would be brimming with gorgeous makeup palettes in bold jewel tones, or look-at-me lipstick shades which were made for Christmas party dressing up – but this year the focus will be on comfort and calm. In my vocabulary that does not mean boring – after all we very rarely get time for ourselves in December. This year more than ever it’s important to pause and pat ourselves on the back for everything we have achieved over the past 12 months. 2020 has not been the easiest of years for any of us and taking time to practice self-care has never been more important. A friend of mine gave me a nail growth serum and I loved it, that is why I decided to share gifts which are perfectly suited to this practice. 

Whether you’re stuck on what to buy friends and family this year or whether you simply wish to treat yourself, here are some gift ideas, all of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. So time to snuggle up, put your feet up and self-care first!

More time at home means more time for pampering.


Real Luxury Bath Foam, £22

There has never been a more fitting time to turn to London-based wellbeing brand Neom for Christmas gift inspiration. Their mantra is that “wellbeing starts with the little moments” and I couldn’t agree more. Take the time to soak in a relaxing bath with Neom’s Scent to De-Stress range.

Tranquillity Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, £36

This gift works twofold: not only does this aromatherapy candle serve to create a sense of calm, it also doubles up as an intensive mask for your skin once melted. I do love a multipurpose product!

Mount Lai 

Rose Quartz Trio Soothing Facial Set, £44.50

The perfect gift for the skincare aficionado in your life, or just anyone who loves a trendy Instagrammable gadget. These tools are celebrated for aiding lymphatic drainage and promoting blood circulation – thus resulting in plumper skin. They also work fabulously with face oils and serums. 


Mask Delights, £20

When it comes to skincare masks none do it better than Origins. This brand stocks a wide range of masks to target a wide variety of skincare concerns. Ranging from charcoal clay masks to deeply cleanse pores and rebalance oily skin – to intensive hydration masks to rescue tired or dry skin. Not sure which to go for? Fret not, this collection of minis contains all of their bestsellers and is the perfect starting point for the mask curious!


Frangipani Favourites, £58

No one does indulgent spa body care quite like Elemis. Their gorgeous beauty bundles mean that you can take some of that spa experience home with you. The frangipani range is one of the brand’s bestsellers, and once you smell any of these products it’s easy to see why. The unmistakable floral scent of the frangipani plant will relax and transport you to exotic climes. 



Holiday Hair Fix, £60

Give the gift of luscious locks this Christmas with the hottest hair brand of the moment. This selection of minis contains all the necessary steps to get you started on your Olaplex journey. This brand was previously only available in salons but can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own shower. The active ingredient in Olaplex is said to strengthen and repair broken bonds in hair which are aggravated by heat styling and colouring. 

I do love a multipurpose product!

Jo Malone

Limited Edition Frosted Cherry and Clove Home Candle, £52 

Jo Malone is a name synonymous with luxury home fragrances. Now more than ever creating a sanctuary of comfort is a top priority and this brands range of gorgeous fragrances will help you do just that. They also release a limited edition Christmas range every year with scents which will get you in the festive spirit.