Whether or not you are a fan of Halloween, one must admit that there isn’t ever a better time to dress up and get those creative juices flowing. Even if you’re not the most gifted in the makeup department (as I most certainly am not) fret not, there are endless YouTube tutorials at hand to help you fake it.

Halloween looks tend to fall into two distinct categories – these being scary or cute, although aiming to fall somewhere in the middle of these two is usually a safe bet. There are those whose one aim is to look as terrifying as possible whilst for others it’s just an excuse to experiment with more daring makeup looks.

All things Tiger King are set to dominate Halloween Costume trends this year. You know, because 2020 hasn’t been terrifying enough already? However, there is no need to dig out your leopard print garments or tasseled leather jackets just yet. I’ve shared some Halloween make up looks below to inspire you, all of which happen to be a convenient makeup tutorial away!


What you’ll need: A pot of liquid gel liner, a brush and a steady hand.

The beauty of this look is that you can just go with any full-face makeup look you love and inject a dose of the macabre by adding spider legs around one of your eyes. If you really want to up the ante then indulge in some 3D shading.

  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, shade: Black Ink, £20


Mariam. Instagram: @rahmanbeauty


What you’ll need: A face paint palette, statement lipstick, gel liners in black and white.

Want to look like you’ve stepped out of a vintage comic strip? This look isn’t exactly one plucked out of the horror genre but you’ll definitely get points for originality. Think bright, in your face, Andy Warhol pop art. More really is more when it comes to making yourself look like a comic character, which is easier to recreate than you’d think. A bold statement lip in a postbox red is a must and when it comes to matte lipsticks few can rival Mac. Why not add a bright blue tear drop for extra drama?

  • Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick, shade: Werk, Werk, Werk, £19
  • NYX Professional Makeup White Liquid Eyeliner, £8





What you’ll need: A dark lip pencil and a pale white base.

Could anything be more Halloween-esque than paying homage to one of the greatest horror authors of our time?  Stephen King’s infamous Pennywise has been a go-to look ever since the remake of IT was released in 2017. Recreate that long elongated clown smile which finishes above the eyes with the help of a dark red lip liner. If you really want to commit to the look, opt for some coloured contact lenses too. Add a white foundation mixer into your foundation to recreate Pennywise’s ghostly complexion. The full clown outfit is optional of course!

  • NYX Professional Makeup Mixer, shade white, £8
  • MAC Lip Pencil, in shade: Nightmoth, Blackened Plum, £15.50


What you’ll need: A smokey Eye, a contour palette and some gel pencil liner.

Remember what I said about aiming somewhere between scary and cute? This look is the perfect compromise. With the eye palette recreate a glam smokey eye and then use the face contour palette to sculpt out that sunken looking skull look on your cheeks. With a gel liner draw on other skull details on the nose and mouth.

Smashbox Cali Kissed Palette, £35