Community Appeal for Clubhouse Gibraltar


Clubhouse Gibraltar is a registered charity, providing Mental Health Support, which is self financing through fundraising activities, generous donations, our charity shop and standing orders from many in our community, together with some financial help from the Government, but this amount is many times not sufficient to expand our services and definitely will not be enough for the massive challenge that lies ahead  – to make our new premises fit for purpose.

Clubhouse Gibraltar has been working tirelessly for our community for many years now.

Their vision:

“Our vision is to enable individuals affected by mental health difficulties in Gibraltar to develop to their full potential by providing an environment that offers hope, respect, dignity and opportunities.”

Mission statement:

“Clubhouse Gibraltar provides support and opportunities within a structured work-ordered day. This allows people recovering from mental health difficulties to participate in their own recovery process which enhances their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as offering freedom from isolation.”

Clubhouse Gibraltar offers freedom from isolation, providing support & opportunities to people recovering from Mental Health difficulties.

Their values:


Health & Wellness


Breaking the circle of Isolation


Education and Training

The above has been achieved by a group of very hard working mental health professionals, who under the supervision of the hard-working Emily Adamberry Olivero MBE, in the direst of conditions and under-resourced, have never refused to give up on those with Mental Health difficulties in Gibraltar.

The principles at the heart of the Clubhouse is in helping people with mental health difficulties to stay out of hospitals whilst working towards achieving social, financial, educational and vocational goals.

The Clubhouse also provides an effective reach out system to members who are not attending, and those feeling isolated in the community or hospitalized.

All work in the Clubhouse is designed to help members regain self-worth, purpose and confidence.


The Clubhouse enables its members to return to paid work through Transitional Employment (TEP).

TEPs have provided work for many of its members. Positive Pathways commenced the running of the cafeteria at Ocean Views and have been able to provide training and placements for 5 Clubhouse members so far. One member started a TEP at Bassadone Motors and was subsequently offered permanent employment there. He has now been working for 2 years with this company. Another Clubhouse member commenced a TEP at Central Clinic in April 2017. A spokesperson for the club says”both of them are ecstatic and appreciative of this life-changing opportunity which they have embraced and benefitted greatly from. Clubhouse Gibraltar would like to hear from any organizations that would like to provide or sponsor an employment placement so that they can continue to help people towards their full recovery.”

Social activities:

The clubhouse provides for the enjoyment of all in our weekly programme of activities and events including Dog walking (with the Rescue Centre, Rosia) card making, chair yoga, an outdoor gym, baking, participating in local events and trips out of Gibraltar.

Important news

The spokesperson says “the government has allocated premises at 304a Main Street after having been struggling with our tiny premises at Wellington Front for some years now.”

“Although delighted with the allocation of these premises, we have the enormous challenge to refurbish this building and make the premises fit for purpose, and to accommodate the needs of the Clubhouse. We need some restructuring work to be done, as well as making the premises disability friendly and providing adequate toilets, a decent kitchen and acquiring adequate equipment and furnishings etc.”

“A generous building contractor has offered to undertake the much-needed demolition works. However, we desperately need another contractor or sponsor to undertake the rest of the construction work needed. We have also had some pledges of support including money and materials and labour but there is a lot to be done and it is a massive challenge to get it all together without adequate funding.”

“We have now had the premises allocated for nearly 2 years, but due to lack of financial and professional assistance, we have not been able to start the works.”

“We now have the plans and drawings in hand, including DPC approval and any prospective sponsor can avail themselves of these to decide where, if at all they would be generous enough to help us out.”

“Let us all get together and make this a community project which we can all be proud of.

The members who come to use the clubhouse are people who need this service and who are receiving the support they need. At the moment we have 153 members.

The clubhouse has done wonders all these years, providing a 6-day week service since 2013, quietly and depending on those generous sponsors that have standing orders and now and then include us in their yearly charity funds.

However, now is the time for us to come out to the public and ask you to come forward and help.

Make yourself proud by helping us get this project going. Please support this mental health project supported and funded by the Gibraltar community for the Gibraltar community”