Childline will be organising their annual Blue Week from Monday 25th March to Friday 29th March 2019. It is Childline’s hope that the Gibraltar community comes together to raise the much-needed awareness and funds for Childline’s fight to end all forms of cruelty to children in Gibraltar, as has been the case in previous years.

With a shockingly high 292 contacts on the Helpline last year and 98 Call-outs to assist young persons who have been detained by the police, Childline’s services take a crucial position in the local community.

This year Childline will focus on reaching out to the community and making Gibraltar aware that they do not only support young Children, but have a wide range of services that can offer support.

Childline’s Chairperson Annie Green said: “We want to make the general public aware that Childline takes a supporting role for those who contact us. Our main focus is to listed to people and encourage children to talk.  We inform about ways that our users can contact other agencies or inform children on how to approach their parents, family members or teachers. Often, because our service is confidential and we do not pass judgement, just talking to us about their feelings can go a long way for children. Children often want to talk to their parents, but sometimes need a little encouragement in taking the actual first step. We are here to give them that encouragement.

We also receive many calls from adults who are concerned about children. This can vary from a parent who needs a little support and motivation with regards to parenting, or someone who is concerned about a child in their community.

Blue week takes an important part in spreading awareness for Childline. Every year we are in awe of the support given by the schools, local businesses and the community. Many people participate in Blue week by way of sharing our Facebook posts, donations or by participating in our #8008 challenge – where schools and companies come up with innovative and creative ways to promote Childline’s Helpline number “8008” and post the picture on Social Media with hashtag #8008challenge.

Our team can’t wait to see all the pictures for this year!”

If you, or your company, want to participate in this year’s Blue Week, you can contact Childline via

If you need support or are concerned about a child, you can reach Childline’s confidential service daily from 5pm to 9pm on their Freephone 8008, WhatsApp 5800288 or via Live Chat on their website You can also reach Childline via email