Regrettably, the accessible ramp at the Camp Bay main pool will be out of bounds until repair works are carried out this coming week. This is the second time, since the commencement of the Official Bathing Season, on 10th June 2017, that these banisters have required repairs, at a significant cost to the Government, as a direct result of inconsiderate misuse.

This ramp is used by beach users with limited mobility and the elderly, who are now unnecessarily inconvenienced while this access is out of use. To add to this, in order to carry out the required repairs, the pool has to be empty for at least three days, something that represents an unnecessary and unjustifiable inconvenience for every single user of Camp Bay. As a result, sadly, the pool will not be in use this weekend.

The banisters along the length of the accessible ramp are designed to sustain downward pressure exerted by the use they were designed for; that is for people with limited mobility to help themselves along it in order to access the pool to bathe. Unfortunately people climbing on the banisters, swinging on them and diving from them cause the anchor points to dislodge, rendering the banisters, the actual ramp, and in effect, the entire pool, unserviceable.

In view of this, the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Climate Change urges the general public and appeals to Gibraltar’s sense of civic duty, to refrain from the misuse of these banisters in the hope that this mishap may not be repeated this summer. We sincerely hope that you all have a great summer enjoying all the existing beach facilities.