Flocks of parakeets flew overhead in the warm sunshine at the Malaga Parador Golf course as a gentle breeze set up perfect conditions for last month’s Acquarius Trust Trophy.

This was the third event of the 2016/17 Med Golf season and the course presented a good but fair test for the players who had travelled further than they were accustomed to.

In spite of the long travel distance, 48 players turned out to contest the trophy where the challenging nature of the course ensured no runaway scores and unusually close results.

The competition went to the wire as Louis Calvente and Paul Nash each scored 35 Stableford points, leaving them level on the last nine and last three holes.

Both players were off handicap 14 so, for the benefit of non-golfing readers, when scores are tied in Stableford competitions, the decision goes in favour of the lowest handicap. If still tied, the last nine holes are counted back, then the last three holes and finally the last six holes.

It was only the count back on the last six holes that decided the result and put Louis in front by one point to give him the Trophy, two 2 green fees on the San Roque Club Old Course and a significant move up the Jyske Bank order of merit.

“It doesn’t get any closer than that,” a spokesman said, “However, Paul did not go home empty handed as he was the Category 2 winner.”

Top ten: Martin Burns; Roger Griffiths; Javi Hunter; Louis Calvente; Joe Sanchez; Steve Stonefield; John Hunter; Stuart Ferguson; Josh Hunter; Mike Cowburn.