Recipe by The Gibraltar Vegan instagram.com/thegibraltarvegan

I think you would agree eyeballs themselves would be very disgusting, so I have come up with a tasty recipe that won’t make your stomach churn. In addition, it’s an easy recipe to get the kids involved with.

This recipe can be made with hot or cold fillings, and vegan ricotta can be used instead of cream cheese.


  • 12 white mushrooms
  • 100g vegan cream cheese (I use Waitrose vegan original soft spreadable, available in   Eroski)
  • 1 wedge red pepper
  • 3  black pitted olives


1.  Remove the stalk then wash and dry the mushrooms

2.  Stuff the mushrooms with the cream cheese then decorate with a slice of a black pitted olive for the pupil of the eye and thinly sliced chopped up red pepper for the bloodshot look

3.  Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for five minutes, but keep an eye on them in case the vegan cream cheese melts too much

4.  Place them on a black plate for an extra Halloween effect and serve warm

5.  If you wish to serve them cold, then bake the mushrooms on their own for five minutes, let them cool down and then do step two as above

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Vegan since 2015, she is a lover of food and loves to try out new dishes, be it at home or dining out. This passion for creating new dishes led her to invent easy, tasty recipes that anyone can try, and that are now shared with The Gibraltar Magazine readers. Her gnocchi pesto dish is a firm favourite with everyone who has tried it. She loves opening her cupboard, and like an artist who mixes their paints to create new colours, she likes to combine, add and marry up foods with each other to create new dishes. Her mother used to say to her “You have to eat your mistakes”, luckily she said she doesn’t make too many but they are always eaten.