The good old blazer made its much-anticipated comeback a few seasons back and has enjoyed its prolific ‘It’ status ever since. Its unfaltering ability to make any outfit look put-together and cool has kept it at the centre of most wardrobes to this day, and it seems that it will continue to dominate into 2020.

If like me, you’ve grown tired of wearing jumpers as tops for four straight months at this point, there’s no better way to shake things up than experimenting with blazers. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options to choose from, as the high-street is teeming with blazers in all shades and silhouettes to suit practically every budget and style. Read on to discover why blazers win every single time.

The best thing about blazers is that they are, first and foremost, incredibly versatile. Not only do they translate effectively across age groups, genders and sartorial style camps, but they are also extremely adaptable for pretty much any occasion. You can wear one in place of a traditional jacket or coat throughout the warmer winter days we so love here in Gib, right all the way through summer, making for the perfect evening cover-up throughout those humid summer nights. For everything in between, they provide us with the perfect light jacket to pair with literally any outfit. Come spring and autumn, I basically live in a blazer, tee and jeans combination.

They translate effectively across age groups, genders and sartorial style camps.

On that note, when it comes to fail-safe outfit formulas, you just can’t beat a blazer and jeans. It’s one of the easiest tricks in the stylebook and one that never lets us down. Most importantly, it’s a combination that can be worn on repeat with just a few minor switch-ups in accessories and styling. Blazers present us with the perfect balance between casual and formal; a line that is often difficult to tread. You can chuck them over any outfit; whether it’s a sleeker work look, an off-duty vibe for post-work drinks or a dinner date, or even a more formal event like a wedding.

Party season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to relegate all glam pieces to the back of your wardrobe just yet. If you’re anything like me, you may have bought yourself a few sparkly get-ups for your many festive events and are no longer quite sure what to do with them. Easy! Transform your party pieces into a chic day-to-night look by teaming them up with a sharp blazer and some minimal jewellery. It’s your Valentine’s dinner look sorted, whether it’s just a night out with friends, a potential new squeeze, or your other half.

One of the simplest ways to breathe new life into your existing wares is by layering them. Blazers can be worn over blouses, T-shirts, polo necks, dresses, and even skirts. Chances are that you don’t have to dive very deep into your wardrobe to find both a blazer and a skirt in there. It may not be the first combination you’d think of, but you’ll find it actually works so well if you give it a try. The tailored cut of a blazer juxtaposes the floaty silhouette of a midi skirt and equally makes a mini skirt look a little more refined and covered up somehow. For a chic work look, try pairing one with a pleated skirt and silk cami. For a chilled weekend ensemble, throw a navy blazer over a denim miniskirt, white trainers and a t-shirt.

While checks are still going strong as always, you definitely won’t regret investing in a brighter hue to give your outfits a lift and pop of colour. If you think colour is a terrifying option, then start small. Opt for animal prints and team them up with plain outfits for maximum impact. Clashing prints can be daunting, but one easy trick to ease yourself in is to make sure that both pieces have one colour in common.

They pack a real style punch.

Whether you’re a colour lover, or prefer to keep things simple and muted, don’t shy away from lighter more traditional shades; a grey blazer is an absolute must for easy office styling and can be paired with white, black and most colours in between. One of my most recent obsessions is my caramel beige blazer from Topshop, which somehow manages to make literally any look that little bit more sleek and put-together, yet effortlessly stylish at the same time. I love pairing it with a white tee and black skinny jeans, or a crisp white shirt and mid-wash straight-leg denim for a look that is appropriate for pretty much anything.

And finally, if you’re feeling a little braver and want to explore the world of blazers even further, why not try out faux leather; a style that began to reign supreme towards the back end of last year. They make for an awesome slick substitute for our well-loved moto jackets, while still packing a real style punch.