Bentley Investments, one of Gibraltar’s major real estate players, has been selected as one of a limited number of exclusive sponsors for the upcoming Harry & Meghan – The Wedding Album.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will take place on Saturday 19 May. Harry & Meghan – The Wedding Album will chart every step of their journey together: from the earliest days of their courtship to the big day itself. It will be produced as a beautifully presented high quality coffee table book, written by prolific Royal commentator Robert Jobson.

As an official sponsor, Bentley Investments will have a dedicated profile in the publication, showcasing the company’s history, work and goals for the future – which centres around chairman Evgeny Cherepakhov’s vision to bring international standards of service, quality of design and construction to all of the residential and commercial projects that it develops. The publication will have a shelf life that goes far beyond the big day itself, serving as an enduring keepsake of this important royal occasion.

Copies of the publication will be gifted to key organisations and figures throughout the Commonwealth and the UN, including all UK-based foreign embassies,  UK, EU and Commonwealth MPs, senior government officials and senior-ranking officers from the British armed forces, ensuring high level exposure for Bentley Investments.

Gibraltar has close historic links to the United Kingdom, with Gibraltarians voting overwhelmingly to remain under British sovereignty in the Gibraltar sovereignty referendum of 1967 and again in the 2002 Gibraltar Referendum, where over 98% of the electorate rejected proposals for joint sovereignty with Spain.


Evgeny Cherepakhov, Chairman of Bentley Investments, comments: “Given Gibraltar’s close historic links with the United Kingdom, we are delighted to be chosen as a sponsor and to play our part in this hugely significant event, which will be watched and celebrated on the global stage. The wedding is being celebrated as an occasion that symbolises progression and strong alliances for the future – something that mirrors our ambitions as a business.”


About Bentley Investments

Founded in 2000, Bentley Investments has become one of Gibraltar’s major real estate players, working with internationally-renowned partners to bring world-class design and levels of service to the residential, commercial and office spaces that they develop, build and manage. Key to that success has been a focus on the changing expectations of residents and businesses, meeting them through exemplary commercial and office spaces and distinctive homes offering outstanding design, exceptional interiors, and integrated communities. For more information visit, or check Facebook.