Awareness Seminar on Learning Disabilities and Autism

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The Ministry of Equality organised a seminar titled “Introduction to Working with People with Learning Disabilities and Autism”. This seminar was delivered yesterday to JyskeBank employees at the bank’s premises. The objective of this seminar was for the bank’s employees to learn and understand more about learning disabilities and autism in order for them to be better prepared when interacting with people with learning disabilities, whether these are customers or work colleagues.

The training was organised at the suggestion of Special Olympics Gibraltar, and with Jyske Bank, as one of their main sponsors, they had a keen interest to improve their customer service in relation to working with people’s with learning disabilities.

The Ministry engaged Colin Smith, RMNH, DipMHS, BSc, an Independent Consultant on Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health and Positive Behaviour. Colin is the Managing Director, Trainer and Speaker at Care and Support (UK). He has previously been engaged by the Ministry of Equality and has delivered seminars on this subject on various occasions Government departments as well as to Non-Government Organisations, Sporting Associations and Cultural Bodies.

The Minister for Equality, Samantha Sacramento, said “It is very gratifying to see members of the private sector in Gibraltar embracing the principle of inclusion and willing to broaden their horizons by educating their staff in relation to working with people with learning disabilities and Autism and reaching out for advice on how to improve their learning on the matter. It is extremely encouraging that word is getting around that service providers must be mindful of people with learning disabilities and that mind-sets in relation to being more inclusive in Gibraltar are palpably changing, this is no doubt in part to the tremendous level of awareness and support offered by the Ministry for Equality. I sincerely hope that more private enterprises follow this example and get involved in creating a more inclusive and welcoming Gibraltar. My team at the Ministry of Equality are very knowledgeable and helpful and always ready to offer information and support.”