AUTUMN DATE NIGHT – Outfits appropriate for smart/casual dress code


Autumn on the Rock is, without a doubt, one of my favourite times of the year. As much as I love summer and the lifestyle that we’re afforded as a result of our climate, I must say that waving goodbye to those scorching sticky days hasn’t caused me too much dismay. I absolutely adore autumn fashion because it gives you the freedom to become a little more creative in your choices, and experiment with a different colour scheme, while still making use of some of your favourite summer pieces.

If there’s one thing I do find quite tricky about the cooler months, it’s how to make my outfits appropriate for a slightly more “formal” event where the dress code is smart/casual. If I’m going out for dinner with my boyfriend, for example, I tend to wear either some skinny jeans and a slouchy knitted jumper, or one of my summer (and totally weather-inappropriate) dresses, and then complain about how cold it is all the way home, much to my boyfriend’s delight. Turns out, I’ve simply been investing in the wrong pieces!

This year, I’ve been scouring the racks, as well as all of the forgotten pieces at the back of my wardrobe, in an attempt to master the balance between warmth and date-night aesthetics once and for all.


Layers, layers, layers! At one point, my autumn wardrobe was pretty much dominated by lightweight knit ribbed tops. Not only are they easy to layer, but they work perfectly for this time of year when it’s a little chillier but not quite coat weather yet. I always thought they were nothing special, but it’s really all about how you style them. They’re so simple but have the potential to look elegant and chic, especially when paired with a high waisted skirt, maybe leather or suede, for a contrast in textures.

Ribbed Funnel Neck Popper Detail Top – TOPSHOP £22
Faux Fur Gilet – TOPSHOP £59
Christiana Stone Mixed Knit Slash Neck Crop Jumper – PRETTYLITTLETHING £15

I love faux fur coats for winter, but in autumn months, I often find them a little bit suffocating. That is until I found my faux fur gilet; such a genius piece that is a perfect in-between with regards to the weather, as well as creating some super cute outfits with hardly any effort. You can wear one over a satin blouse, or a thin jumper; it’s one of those pieces that will never go out of fashion.


A classic pair of ankle boots seems pretty basic right? Once you consider fit, comfort, budget, quality, as well as how viable it is to pair them with your favourite jeans and a pretty dress, shopping for boots can prove a little trickier than you may have assumed. But once you find your perfect pair, you won’t need another pair of shoes in your life (well, not too many).

Handsome Ankle Boots – TOPSHOP £85
Leather Block Heel Side Zip Ankle Boots – M&S £69



When you think of denim jackets, maybe a nice dinner isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, but I’d like to shift your mindset to a different style for a moment. You may have noticed that pearls have suddenly taken the fashion world by storm over the last couple of months. I’ve seen a whole host of gorgeous denim jackets donned with delicate embroidery, funky studs, and of course, the newly coveted pearls trend recently. Team up with a long-sleeved shift dress and the right accessories, and you’re good to go.

Jenny Slim Fit Borg Collar Denim Jacket – boohoo £25
Denim Girlfriend Jacket
in Washed Black – ASOS £40


Swing Ruffle Cami with Plunge – ASOS £22

Reds & nudes

I was doing a bit of window shopping just as the autumn season began in the UK, and I was blown away by the sheer number of red pieces in every shop window. It’s official, red is the colour of autumn 2017.

Conveniently, there aren’t many colours that scream date night more than this one. I know it can be a little intimidating, but you don’t need to wear a red dress straight out the bat; you can introduce it slowly into your wardrobe via accessories like shoes and bags, or even a silky red cami layered underneath a neutral longline jacket.

Dark pink ribbed knit cardigan – RIVER ISLAND £36

Blush pink, mauve, taupe; essentially every colour in the nude spectrum, have been en vogue for a couple of seasons now, but I love them because they’re absolutely perfect to make a seamless transition from a brighter summery colour palette to the muted tones we tend to see throughout the upcoming months. They’re neutral and not overly eye-catching but still make enough of a statement for a date or nice occasion.

Slides & mules

So I said you’d never need another pair of shoes, but you do; you need mules. Not only do they offer a perfect balance between summer and autumn but they’re also a fantastic alternative for a date night shoe. The choice on the high-street is vast; from fluffy, to metallic, and embroidered – you definitely won’t be left wanting. While mules tend to be heeled, opt for a funky pair of slides if that’s your preference.

MACARONI Pointed Flat Mules – ASOS £18
Harsh Studded Mules –
Black Silver Studs
Vero Moda Grey Textured Blazer – ASOS £24

Oversized blazers

A blazer for dinner? Isn’t that a bit much? Nope. Oversized blazers are all the rage this autumn, and again, it’s really all about how you style them. I totally get it; you don’t want to look as though you’re about to shimmy off to the office after your dinner, but blazers also have the ability of making an entire look.

Military style blazer nude – MISSGUIDED £40

Satin is another huge autumn trend that I’m pretty excited to get on board with. And in my opinion, a feminine satin cami paired with a checkered oversized blazer and a pair of skinnies is a winning combination for a perfect date night look. Adding in more textures, for instance a suede or sequined clutch, or even some dainty velvet heels, will take your outfit to the next level.

Whilst it’s fun to keep up with the latest trends, a new season doesn’t mean that all of your summer clothes automatically go out the window. It’s always wise to first assess what you already have in your wardrobe, be it transitional pieces or even some forgotten items from years gone by, before you rush out to the shops and cause some serious damage to your bank statement. An additional bonus is that, should you want to stock up on a few new pieces, we’re lucky that we can start buying autumn pieces just as the mid-season sale hits the shelves! Every little helps, right? Enjoy!