August, the holiday month, was named after the first Roman emperor Augustus to memorialise the month in which he achieved many of his great triumphs. It also happens to be the month of my parents’ greatest triumph – my birthday, so, it is very fitting that all these cool people are coming over to the Rock soon to perform here, especially, as I am expecting tickets to all the events to be coming my way as presents! On the cover, Clean Bandit are one of the bands announced by MTV Calling. We take a look at their career highlights to give you some background on their work before you catch them live at the festival.

Another birthday treat, something I like to do every year (or every month really, when possible!) is going away for the weekend. We live so close to this beautiful region of the Iberian Peninsula that is seems almost a waste not to explore it whenever we can. Happily, Sophie has compiled a handy list for us with a number of interesting Andalusian spots to visit which are all under a two-hour drive away. If, however, you prefer the idea of embarking on a proper road trip though the West, you’re going to want to check out Chris’ article for tips on how to tackle the great American wilderness. If, however, you have elderly parents, you may like to wave them off (or accompany) on a senior cruise, like Marcus did.

My birthday, unfortunately, is not the main focus of this month’s edition of the magazine. That top spot has been taken over by the hot topic of weddings. Molly has taken it upon herself to study the phenomenon that is the Gibraltarian wedding. She chats to a local wedding planner and a bride-to-be and reports back to us with her findings. To a non-Gibraltarian, the local wedding preparation process may seem a little overwhelming (or outright scary) but Molly explores the unique quirks of getting hitched on the Rock. Andrew, in his column, shares with us his wealth of wine knowledge and advises what to serve when in order to really wow your guests, while spending a reasonable amount of money on those very important beverages. And if you‘re struggling to decide on that picture-perfect location to tie the knot, our ever-helpful community share their ideas.

Now, since weddings often lead to children, and children often lead to stress (besides joy and love, of course), Polly grapples with the oh-so-current question of how much screen time your little ones should be allowed in order to help them grow into mentally and physically well-balanced adults.


I must say that my favourite articles this month are to be found in the business section, and they have a technological focus. First, we have an account of how two passionate ladies started their own online business in the clothing market, with a look-in at the myriad of challenges they faced. Then, Eran and Ayelet investigate the ‘gig economy’ in which we increasingly are seeing people working online, when and where they prefer, and the regulation (or lack thereof) attached to this. Finally, Graeme, our new contributor, teaches us how to build our very own app! Apparently, it’s a lot easier than it sounds, as long as you have an idea for one… I shall ponder on this while baking a cake. A fruit cake. A birthday, fruit cake…