Summer is whizzing past in a haze of tablita tournaments and BBQs. My hair is frizzy, my plants are wilting, and I’ve been through enough frozen Suntops to keep all the beach kioskos in business. Luckily, we have yet another jam-packed issue to keep you company as you sun your buns.

We’ve been kept busy with lots of events this past month. We interview Runway New Designer winner Tyan Borell, local rock band Crimson Clover, illustrator Paul Bush and winner of Mrs Gibraltar 2018, Kathleen Victory, as well as finding out all about how ArtDance’s 2nd Festival went.

Things take a turn for the adventurous as Chris takes us on his next journey; this time through the vast spiritual country that is China. Following this theme, Liana regales us with a personal account of this year’s Charity Skydive for GibSams, which raised a whopping £9665 towards their suicide hotline. We each of us have our own battles to fight, but know that there are people willing to listen. You’re not alone; it’s okay to talk.

You may have wondered who the mysterious figures behind the Llanito News Desk are – well so did we! We manage to corner the satirical news page and have a chinwag about Zone 2 parking, DNA sampling on dog poo, and the state of our post office.

To wind down, Andrew reveals which champagne to have with our scallops, and how to marry our halibut and Riesling in his article on wine pairing at home. Too hot to cook? Try your hand at our super simple strawberry sorbet recipe, or quench your thirst with some summery watermelon ice pops.

Hasta la próxima!