Que CALOR. I’m looking forward to winter, so I can complain about being too cold instead. But whilst the sun is still shining, and the taxis are still busy (p. 32), here is your final summery issue of 2019.

For this month’s travel feature, Al packs us in his backpack as he traverses the Pennine Way (p. 59) (or Pain x Nine Way, as he renamed it after attempting part of it in trainers). Head to our website to see how (or if) his journey ended.

Have you ever tried to get into an Easter egg kindly gifted by your abuela, only to struggle with the fort-knox packaging? Streams of ribbon around wrapping paper (which isn’t recyclable, by the way! Use brown paper and jazz it up with patterned tape and fancy doodles instead) around a box, housing a plastic casing, containing a foil-wrapped hollow ovoid chocolate, which then sometimes has a sneaky plastic packet of sweets inside… The first best time to reign in the plastic production and disposable consumerism would have been years ago, but the second best time is now (p. 43). We still have time. (Just.)
Also on the topic of our environment, we bring you another pollution feature, this time focusing on plastic (‘phthalates’). What harm is it doing to us, and how can we prevent it (p. 30)?

You may have heard her gracing the airwaves as resident Saturday Breakfast Show presenter, and now Lindsay Weston is available in podcast form via the fascinating Gibraltar Stories. Interviews with actor and novelist Robert Daws; archivist Anthony Pitaluga on oral history and intangible heritage; photographer Juan Carlos Teuma on his paparazzo days in Marbella; sports personality Linda Alvarez about the Island Games – and the story of the first Neanderthal woman, ‘Nana’, as told by National Museum director Dr Geraldine Finlayson. This podcast packs a punch (p. 49)!

And finally, after the success of our ‘How Far Can You Get Your Mag’ competition, we’ve got another for you (p.74)… and it involves your pet. Or your neighbour’s pet. We’re not fussy.