ArtDance Gibraltar International Platform 2018, held in June, commenced with the opening of the Visual Arts Gallery and went over and beyond the audiences’ expectations this year leaving them positively overwhelmed by a successful collaboration of artistic styles.

Spectators were treated to an evening of live music by Abigail (violin) and Rafael (cello), paintings by Paul Cosquieri and Tiana Langdon, interactive art by Alan Perez, live performances by Nathan Conroy, Iain Payne and Zoe Bishop, art films and photography by locals with every style depicting movement, dance or expression.

As part of an ongoing project throughout the year, photographers were invited to attend dance classes to ignite inspiration in their works, which were beautifully portrayed by Mark Galliano, Clive Crisp, Christopher Borge, Gerry Fagan, Sergio Vitale, John Napoli and Debra Coleman. The photographers’ work was a highlight of the week as each photographer took their respective interpretations of dance and movement and depicted it as their own unique view of dance. The exhibition was open to the public for the duration of the festival.

Thursday night saw a breathtaking performance by UK’s dance company James Wilton Dance with their production Leviathan. Their performance told the story with their movement and expression, communicating mans greedy and delusional exploitation of nature. With only a rope for a prop, James Wilton Dance Co gave us an interpretation of an epic novel, Moby Dick, which was emotive and stripped of decadence leaving the viewer to witness the themes of the work performed passionately. Their flawless acrobatics and precise partner work left the audience on the edge of their seats, worried that if they blinked they would miss something extraordinary.

The company was left with an emotional standing ovation from theatregoers. The festival came to an end on Friday with the International Variety Gala Night, which saw world famous international artists perform alongside local dance/performance schools: Art In Movement, Innovations, DANZA Academy, GAMPA, Gibraltar Academy of Dance, ShowDance Company. It was a privilege for Gibraltar to play host to internationally acclaimed artists, HumanHood, Iron Skulls Co, Bboy Neguin, Proyecto Larrua and Marco Motta who each exposed their unique strength and individuality leaving the viewers in awe and fulfilled with inspiration. These top performers have travelled from across the World to share their works with Gibraltar audiences. Nathan Conroy (Producer) & Joelle Montegriffo (Co-Producer) are ecstatic with the way the festival is evolving and it is because of the attitude of openness and collaboration that the ArtDance festival will become a pivotal fixture of Gibraltar’s culture calendar making Gibraltar a performance hub for international artists.

Mr Conroy and Ms Montegriffo have already given us an insight of what to expect for the future from this unique and awe inspiring festival, 2019 will be a feast for artists and audiences a like. Definitely an annual event that is not to be missed! Organisers would like to thank their sponsors for making this event happen, especially Casais and Gibraltar Culture.

For more information visit ArtDance Gibraltar International Platform on Facebook.