This month’s drawing is inspired by Bran Castle, a real-life haunted castle and the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s 1897 gothic novel Dracula. This castle is located in modern day Romania and dates back to the 14th century.

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Colouring pencils, crayons or paint (optional)

Happy drawing!

Step 1: To draw the main body of your haunted house draw a rectangle 4cm wide by 9cm high. To draw the two towers connected to your house, draw another rectangle to the left of the one you have drawn, which is 2cm wide by 8.3cm high. Draw an identical rectangle to this one on the right hand side of the first rectangle you drew.

Step 2: Let’s draw in the roofs of our haunted house. For the central house, measure 0.3cm on either side of the top line of your rectangle and draw a horizontal line 4.6cm long. On this line mark out the halfway point (2.3cm along) and from that point draw a dashed vertical line, 4cm tall. This is the central vertical line of your roof and will ensure that the roof slopes evenly on either side of this line. Taking the left hand side, draw a curved line from the top of the vertical line you have just drawn to the bottom left hand corner of the 4.6cm line you have drawn. Repeat on the other side. You should now have your first roof drawn in.

For the roofs of your towers, again measure 1cm in from the top line of your rectangle and from that point draw a dashed vertical line, 2cm in height. Then from the top of that dashed line, draw 2 lines from that point down to either end of the roof to create a triangle shape. Repeat for the other tower.

Step 3: Let’s start drawing in the outlines of the door and windows. For the central house, draw a horizontal line, 1.5cm below the top line of your rectangle. Draw in another horizontal line 4cm below that. For your towers, draw in a single horizontal line 2.5cm above the base line of the rectangle you drew for the tower. Now we have separated the different sections of the house it’s time to draw in the windows and the arched doorways. For the central house, draw a 0.5cm wide square window in the centre of the topmost section of the house. In the central section of this house, measure 0.5cm in from the furthest left hand side of your rectangle and draw in one rectangle, 1.5cm tall by 0.5cm wide. Leave a 0.5cm gap and then draw in a 0.5cm square window below it. Repeat to draw in the windows on the right hand side of this central section. For the bottom section draw in the arched doorway. Draw in two 3cm vertical lines and join them up with a curved line.

For the towers: draw in 3 arched windows at 0.5cm intervals from each other. Each window should be 1.5cm tall by 0.5cm wide. Draw in an arched doorway for each tower, 2cm tall.

Step 4: Now to draw in the moon. Draw in a circle behind your house. For an easy way to draw a circular shape why not draw round a teacup saucer or round the base of a large candle?

As a final touch make sure to add some colour. You want to add lots of green and yellow to give it that spooky look and make it seem like something eerie is glowing within the house. Add solid white to the centre of your moon and then mix in some green and yellow to your white for the outer rim of your moon so that your moon also emits that ghoulish glow.

We would love to see your finished entries! Tag @thegibraltarmagazine and @b_garcia_art on Instagram for a chance to be featured. We look forward to seeing your artwork!

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