The Gibraltar Cable Car was built in 1966 and has been bringing entertainment to Gibraltar and its tourists ever since. Originally a Swiss design, it was built by Cable Car manufacturer, Von Roll. In its 55 years of existence it has been showing off views of 2 continents and the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. As you may have heard, MH Bland’s new Cable Car project has been given the green light, so expect to see big changes coming soon!

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Colouring pencils, crayons or paint (optional)


Draw a rectangle 9cm wide by 6.5cm high. Your cable car will fit within this rectangle.

Use dashed lines as you will want to erase this grid later. 

Let’s draw in the main body of the cable car. You will want to draw a three sided rectangle as you can see in the drawing where the main body of the cable car is 3cm long and the side of the cable car is 1cm long. Start with the largest rectangle at the front which measures 3cm wide by 2cm high. Then draw in the side of the cable car which is 1cm wide by 2cm high. This rectangle should slope up away from you. Once those two rectangles are drawn in, draw in the top rectangle by drawing lines parallel to the edges of the rectangles you have just drawn.


Now to draw in the base of the cable car.  Draw in a rectangle below the main body of the cable car and a smaller rectangle below the side of your cable car. Adjust the rectangles by adding in some diagonal lines as per the reference image.


Now to draw in the mechanics that join the cable car to the cable on which it is suspended. Draw in 2 rectangles which are 0.5cm wide and which reach to the back of the cable car. For the rectangle on the right hand side draw a rectangle above it which leans towards the left as per the diagram. For the rectangle on the left hand side, draw 2 diagonal lines to meet the diagonal rectangle you have just drawn.


Time to add in the cable line as well as some of the finer details. 

To add in the cable, start from the furthest left corner of the original 9cm by 6.5cm that you drew in step 1. From that corner measure 2.8cm down. From this point 2.8cm down draw a diagonal line up to the top right hand corner of your dashed rectangle. 

To add the window details, draw in a thin rectangle for the main windows and a small square on the side for the side window. To draw the doors of the cable car, draw one line down the middle of the cable car. Then split each of those sections into two again with another line through the centre. The result should be 4 equal sections of the cable car. See the image for reference.


Rub out the excess lines.


As a final touch why not add a splash of colour? I’ve added in the Rock of Gibraltar motif on the side of the Cable Car but feel free to decorate it anyway you like.

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