Last month, London’s fashion world was bombarded by two lovely Llanitas, Gabriella Sardeña and Gail Howard. Showing an immense talent and a natural flair for fabrics, cuts and colours, both made us proud exhibiting their pieces. Featured on the cover is Gabriella, a fashion student at Central Saint Martins, who was chosen to showcase her designs during London Fashion Week, one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world! Gail, who was featured on our cover last August when she won Best New Designer at Runway, this time showed off her new ideas in Gibraltar House as part of London’s Fashion Showcase with a Difference. We’ve got both stories together with some fantastic images of their designs in our longest feature yet! Appropriately, our fashion column this month is inspired by looks seen on the runway.

In Scene, we feature another young artist, Shannen Vinent, who draws beautiful pictures with colourful pencils, making them look strikingly like paintings, owing to her special technique. Two of these illustrations have recently won her an art competition, perhaps also because of their interesting subjects, focusing on how heavily self-esteem relies on our image and the great lengths we will go to to feel beautiful enough.

Young artist number four, Chloe Cortes Dellipiani, wrote a play about life in a wheelchair which was recently staged at the Drama Festival. The play explores perceptions of disability rather than encouraging pity towards disabled. It is a story which helps us understand what it is like to grow up immobilised but still maintain a positive and happy outlook.

Last but not least is Nigel Canepa, a Gibraltarian graduate who has just published his first children’s book “Selfish Mr. Raven”. Beautifully illustrated by a Romanian artist, the stories that were a little dark for single-digit-aged children, have been brought to the bright side thanks to her child-friendly images.

In Business, Ian firstly reminds us to look after our futures and make sure we are comfortable once out of work, and secondly, explains some of the technical jargon that is so often enough to put off that task for another decade.

We talk to Ayelet and Eran who organised the first ever official Gibraltarian delegation to Israel. On all accounts, it was an amazing experience, all delegates singing their praises for the possibilities it opened up between the two countries, as well as the hospitality they experienced. It was first of many expeditions to the country and the list for the next visit is nearly full already! Certainly, it sounds much better than the trip Marcus took to Bristol, not least when it comes to the weather…


In Property, we explore whether certain historic buildings should be restored or demolished and in Life, we extend this further by looking at the environmental implications of new developments. Tommy Finlayson attends Development and Planning Commission meetings regularly, as well as photographing all that is environmentally and visually unfriendly to then post this on his ‘Wake up Gibraltar’ Facebook page.

Another wake-up call is pointed out by our community, so check out what you really should stop wearing

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