I hope by the time you’re reading this that the rain gods have shown us some mercy and there’s no longer a need to travel to work by canoe. It’s been a tempestuous few weeks so it’s important that you look after your health, para no refriarse, miarma!

Speaking of health, that’s the theme running through our issue this month. To start us off, Graeme delves into the dark side of (anti)social media, and the Pavlovian effects ‘likes’ have on our brain. Could we soon be finding ourselves in a real-life episode of Black Mirror? It may eventually be the case in China, where talks of citizens being ‘rated’ via a dystopian super app called ‘Zhima Credit’ have been circulating social media again this month.

On a lighter and brighter note, Molly speaks to personal trainer and entrepreneur Lorraine Van Kleef, whose fervour for fitness led her to establish her fitness brand – LVK Personal Training. And that’s not all! Elena pops into the GHA for a chat with not one but two surgeons – how do you like them apples? Often, and as part of a well-balanced diet according to Dr Gillian. In her bid to promote a healthier way of living, she dissuades us from always choosing drugs over diet.
Our cheeky monkey is using his annual holiday leave on an Easter trip to Milan after reading Elena’s page-turning depiction of the Italian metropolis; in his haste, he’s dropped 6 colourful eggs which are dotted around the magazine. Can you find them all? You could be in the running to win a £25 Hungry Monkey voucher AND a tongue-tantalisingly tasty Easter egg if you do!

As we (hopefully) transition into more clement climates, we can finally pack away the expanse of heavy coats and chunky knits of our winter wardrobe (sorry Mum, you know what’s coming – there’s no space at my house). Luckily we have Julia on hand to mentor us through the minefield of brights, bolds, plaids and polka dots set to hit the shops this Spring.

Last but by no means least, we have the pleasure of sitting down with the scorer of that hat-trick, the man gracing our cover this month, Sir Geoff Hurst. See what he has to say about some of his fellow footballers!

Until next time, have a happy and healthy month full of hornazo, and chocolate in all its leporid and ovate forms.