I’ve found it hard to write my editor’s letter this month as I’m full of beans about my upcoming Easter holiday. Are you going anywhere nice? We asked a selection of the local public where they’re spending their Easter break (p. 8).

Rosto, minestra, potaje, panisa… and shepherd’s pie. Richard laments that homecooked lunches have been left behind in the days of yore. If you want to bring it back to the present day, flick to our recipe pages to turn your hand at making some of Mama’s samosas – or why not try a ‘Full Gibraltarian’ vegan breakfast for lunch (p. 80)?! Go crazy, it’s 2019.

There are new health and exercise fads bursting onto the scene with such voracity that keeping astride of them all feels like a workout in itself. I’ve got a lot of time for this latest one though… Rage Yoga! Getting sweaty and sweary as you find your inner chi is proving to be quite popular. I suppose you could say… it’s all the rage.

What do you opt for when you’ve hurt yourself? Plasters? A bit of Germolene? How about some fish skin? That’s exactly what Guy Killick did when he was presented with a dog who had a life-threatening injury. Read about his pioneering surgery, and what happened next.

When does a general household clean turn into a problem? I’ve been told I can be a little ‘OCD’ with my cleaning, which is something Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’, a woman hooked on hygiene, knows plenty about. Luckily for us, she’s compiled a handy guide to help keep a happy home.

And finally, on the cover this month we have the talented Anne-Marie Reading; a seasoned dancer who graced the main stage at London’s Excel Centre last month, performing an intense contemporary flamenco piece (Libertad, written by Anne-Marie Gomez) alongside Robyn Bugeja, Nicola Dewar, Kayleigh Halmshaw and Angelina Haveland. Bravo, ladies!