Local playwright, Gib Talks organiser, and comprehensive school teacher, Julian Felice, has had a busy few years at home that have resounded onto an international platform. As a family man and full-time teacher, it would be understandable, by any measure, to think that time would be a clear problem. However, whether it be time, actors, or venues, Julian appears to have a mind for taking projects with hard constraints and making them into in-demand talk series or into popular plays staged in the centre of the theatre world in London or in theatre competitions across America. This year he has set his eyes to further develop the craft he loves and that many have enjoyed seeing come to fruition.

After another successful Gib Talks, many were disappointed to hear of a likely temporary break after the 6th edition. After reaching a milestone of 100 speakers at the event since its commencement in 2015, the refurbishment of the John Mackintosh Hall Theatre that has been planned to accommodate the New National Theatre has meant that Gib Talks currently does not have a venue. Julian and the organisers saw that it might be a fitting time to pause and reassess how to improve Gib Talks in the search for its next milestone. However, due to the public response over the pausing of an event many of us anticipate to be at annually; the likely short break has now stopped being a definite one and has now turned into one to be considered. Announcements, if any, will be made later on the year, depending on whether a location can be found.

Beyond Gib Talks, Julian has been relentless in writing plays that have been staged locally, in the UK and across the US. A number of his ten-minute plays that were staged locally were later performed professionally in London by two different theatre companies at two different theatres. Last year, Tiny Theatre Company staged Julian’s “Ten Minutes” at the King’s Head Theatre and Saw-It-Here-First Productions staged “Happy Birthday” at the Theatro Technis theatre in Camden, London. This year, Saw It Here First Productions is staging “Ten Minutes” on the 8th of March at the Theatro Technis (tickets available from sawitherefirst.com).

There have been approximately 27 productions of his plays across 16 states.

Beyond British shores and across the Atlantic, there have been approximately 27 productions of his plays across 16 states, where his plays that delve into the dramatic tensions of the human life in imaginative ways have even reached state finals in Drama competitions.

Despite all these successes, Julian remains on the incline and not in view of a plateau as his focus this year will be to seek to improve further as he was recently accepted on a highly selective development programme for playwrights in the UK, where he will be travelling to when possible. The Gibraltarian public will not, however, be neglected as they can watch Julian stage his plays and even perform in one Santos Productions’ plays in the Gibraltar International Drama Festival that will run through from the 16th of March to the March 21st. [EDIT: Please note that the Drama Festival is now cancelled as Gibraltar manages the spread of COVID-19.]

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