The Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning, in conjunction with the Ministry of Equality are pleased to announce the implementation of a Pilot Scheme to allow Disabled Badge holders, to park within Residential Parking Zones. This follows from the continued review and monitoring phases of the already operational Residential Parking Schemes (RPS) and the Gibraltar Blue Badge Pilot Scheme announced in December 2018.

The arrangement will allow parking access to RPS Zone residential parking bays for a maximum time period of ‘3’ Hours, on display of an All Zones Residential Parking Permit for Disabled Badge Holders.

Holders of a Disabled Persons Badge (Blue Badge) that are issued with an All Zones Residential Parking Permit for Disabled Badge Holders, will be able to park within RPS Zones 1, 2 and 3 and the North Zones, including Glacis Estate and Laguna Estate during a 3 hour period, by displaying their All Zones Residential Parking Permit together with a valid Blue Badge and Blue Parking Clock showing the time of arrival.

This new initiative will help facilitate access into Residential Parking Schemes during any time of the day and is expected to help Blue Badge holders and family members, relatives and friends to better serve their needs and those of persons they care for, by facilitating visits, deliveries and drop offs to households.

This New Pilot scheme will still allow RPS Zone residents to make use of their respective residential parking stock, given the All Zones Residential Parking Permit for Disabled Badge Holders only allows parking for a restricted time period to facilitate short term parking access.

Blue Badge holders are reminded that existing Disabled Parking Bays (Blue Bays) throughout Gibraltar, should continue to be used when available so as not to take up RPS Parking Bays unnecessarily. The general public and users of the scheme are also once again advised that Disabled Parking Bays are not assigned for the sole use of any individual Blue Badge Holder. Sensible and responsible use of Blue Bays is important for the scheme to work effectively and for the benefit of all users.

For information on the eligibility criteria, existing Blue Badge holders should contact Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd. Application forms for these Permits can also be obtained at Unit 99 Harbour’s Walk, New Harbour’s, Rosia Road, Gibraltar or are available to download online from the link below:


The Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, The Hon. Paul Balban MP said:

“I am extremely happy to have worked closely with the Ministry of Equality on this pilot scheme after a monitoring period, which aims to assist the needs of persons that hold Blue Badge parking cards. The Ministry has taken onboard feedback and advice from its officials towards a working solution that will facilitate access to Residential Parking Zones whilst minimizing the impact on residents within their distinct Residential Parking areas.”

The Minister for Equality, The Hon Samantha Sacramento MP said:

“The value of accessible parking bays cannot be underestimated as their availability supports people with disabilities rights to inclusion. The access to Residential Parking Scheme (RPS) is a step further towards that inclusion. As Minister for Equality I am very pleased to be part of the launching of a Scheme that will make a huge difference to Blue Badge Holders.”

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