Do you embrace your originality and individuality on a day to day basis? Imagine how free that would feel… to actually do what you like and express yourself as you are without dampening your personality. I loved this conversation with Marie. I learnt so much from her journey and her perseverant nature that at the start of the conversation, I was in limbo of a course I wanted to take, and by the end of it, I was very sure!

I asked her so many questions at the beginning but narrowed it down to this one. “I want to know what drove your compassionate nature to want to help people.”

“I was involved in art from a very young age. I was a quiet child and was constantly colouring or drawing with my colouring pencils always handy. I knew from a young age I wanted to be an art teacher.

“Imagine how free that would feel…”

“Funnily enough, as life flew by with its fair amount of challenges and experiences, I somehow attempted a course at university which wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do and didn’t draw me into the world of art and teaching as I had hoped for. The university I was in was completely the wrong choice I had made to pursue the career I was so passionate about. But all was not gloom and doom. I did meet my amazing husband there. I came back to Gibraltar, quite disheartened and packed my passion aside of continuing with art. I went on to become a Certified Accountant and kept on that career path for a number of years.

It wasn’t until quite a few years later, that I came across an article written by a lady called Edith Kramer. She was a pioneer for Art Therapy in the USA. I read up on her more and more and understood how she worked to help children and young people to express their feelings and emotions through the use of art. That’s when I realised that I had underestimated the value art had in my life. Edith’s journey ignited a beacon within me to go for something that could help people overcome so much and discover so much as well.

I undertook courses under the online tutelage of Cathy Malchiodi and also attended workshops in counselling to understand more about how to incorporate and apply art in helping people in need of support.”

I didn’t intercept with questions as I was listening attentively to what she had to say.

“It ignited a beacon within me to go for something that could help people overcome.”

“Romina, I grew up in the 90s where the world was changing drastically and young people struggled to cope. They didn’t have the effective strategies that have become available today. I was not a social person and took refuge in the art studio at school or at home where my mum had given me full access to paint and draw expressively on my walls and ceilings. Once I began working on Art Therapy courses, it reinforced my desire to want to facilitate tools to people so that they too can discover how great they are through expressing themselves and letting go of their own inhibitions through drawing and painting. I have always been very different and always looked for ways to do things without being confined to societal restrictions. I encourage people to do the same and discover their own strengths and passions respectfully setting aside what others may feel is good for them ( with this I refer to  their passions of course).”

Wow! I loved her energy. It was contagious throughout the conversation.

Marie is also married and has to gorgeous kids who together with her husband have been her driving force to keep trying and pushing to achieve her goals (as well as her family of course).

Contact Marie at

[email protected] She will be carrying out courses during August 2020 for teenagers called ‘Express Yourself’, which I highly recommend! Find Marie’s page, Artful Remedy, on Facebook.

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