A Boost to Morale


It will be obvious to everyone that the last few weeks have put the Government’s Ministers and officials under unprecedented pressure. Almost everyone in the public sector has been working long hours, often on issues well outside everyone’s normal areas of expertise. So far, the outcomes have been largely positive and, as a result, the current situation is providing considerable job satisfaction for those involved in fighting the ongoing battle against Covid-19.

As well as statistical successes, there have been the occasional human stories that have brightened everyone’s day.

The Chief Minister has just received one such story in a letter from a Gibraltarian lady now living in UK.

The lady had been very worried for the safety of her elderly parents who are still living on the Rock and so she tried, without success to move them to UK so that she could look after them. However, before she could move them, the lady and her two sons themselves fell ill with Covid- 19 and all three of them spent a very uncomfortable four weeks recovering from the virus.

In her letter to the Chief Minister, the lady says, ‘Any worries that I had about how they (her parents) would be cared for have been allayed by the carefully considered compassionate and humane way that they have been looked after. Your actions have truly made me proud of Gibraltar.

‘Today, they received yet another food ‘parcel’. Although I must add that the word ‘parcel’ does not capture the extensive generosity of this wonderful act of kindness. They are very humble and proud people who have worked hard all their lives for the little that they have. The compassionate, respectful way in which this lifeline has been provided has allowed them to be both grateful and dignified. If only all societies had such humane principles.

‘It is such a relief to know that they are contacted on a regular basis as to their health and social needs. We are all grateful that you are also trying to ensure that their safety is protected by the carefully designated times and settings where they may go to take exercise.

‘Furthermore, I rest assured that should they fall ill to the virus, they would receive expert healthcare from dedicated health workers and a well-resourced health service. I hope that you truly know what a comfort this thought must be to all Gibraltarians.’

The lady’s letter ends with her sending a ‘truly heartfelt thank you, for all that you have done and continue to do’.

The Chief Minister said, ‘It is letters like this that give a lift to everyone’s spirits when we are all working so hard. I hope that many public sector workers hear about this lady’s wonderful letter and I hope it cheers them up as much as it has cheered me. I have, of course, replied to the lady and told her what a huge boost her letter has given to everyone’s morale.’

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